The Bioinformatics team provides ad-hoc training for biologists as well as training courses covering topics such as ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis, data visualisation and R/Bioconductor programming.

All course material is made publicly available and throughout (2018), the core will be running training for basic ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis, reproducible research in R and visualising data in genome browsers. For details on upcoming courses see our upcoming training or contact Thomas Carroll (

As well as training in Bioinformatics methods, the Bioinformatics team can offer advice on the use of local compute resources (i.e. best practice in using R in cluster compute environment).

Daily updates to our training material can be found at

Upcoming training

In 2018 we will be running training on R, reproducible research, visualising data in genome browsers and analysis of RNA-seq/ChIP-seq using R and Bioconductor
To book a place on one of these courses please contact Thomas Carroll (
Material linked below is for reference and example only.
Material to be used for course will be made available to attendees only and weblinks distributed on the day of the course.
NOTE All materials are under strict licensing. Material is free for review but may not be redistributed 'as is' or modified without explicit consent. For more details contact the Head of Bioinformatics (Thomas Carroll -

Course Material Dates Availability
Course Work - 1 Link 25th December TBD 0
Introduction to Bioinformatics Resource Centre Link TBD TBD 11
Introduction to Spring 2018 Bioinformatics Course Link TBD TBD 11
Intro To R Link TBD TBD 1
Plotting In R Link TBD TBD 1
Genomic Data Link TBD TBD 1
Introduction to Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1
ChIPseq in Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1
ATACseq in Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1
Genomic Variants in Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1
RNAseq in Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1
Visualising genomics data in R and Bioconductor Link TBD TBD 1